From - The Ananga Ranga

Upavishta (i.e., sitting) posture. Of this division there are ten sub-divisions: ...

#2 Upapad-asana. In this posture, whilst both are sitting, the woman slightly raises one leg by placing the hand under it, and the husband enjoys her.


  • Sit on his lap facing him, place one foot up onto the back of the chair
  • Changing the extension of your leg will vary amount of internal friction
  • Sensations will vary depending on which leg is raised
  • Hold him tight and bounce up and down for deep thrusts
  • Roll your hips for a wonderful sensation
  • Very intimate face to face contact


  • Sit cross-legged with her in your lap
  • The angle of penetration varies depending on your location in the curve
  • Help her to rise and fall as needed with your arms
  • Or completely take over the motion by flexing your buttocks
  • Deep and satisfying penetration

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