Thank you for visiting, my name is Lisa and I am married to the creator of The Archer Bowchair, as well as the inspiration for the invention. My husband did a great job summarizing our story on the Background page, but I'd like to share some more personal details with you about my journey as a passionate woman, a devoted wife and a sexual being.

      Sex was painful, and when it wasn't painful the anticipation of pain was stressful. It was difficult to create and maintain an intimate connection with my husband when, in the back of my mind, there was fear and anxiety.  I also had a really hard time maintaining enough energy, the extra effort required during lovemaking to get the right angles and have enough control tired me out quickly, as my other muscles and joints (hips, back, thighs, glutes and knees) were under too much strain, sometimes even triggering my Sciatica. This also caused me distress because I love my husband and wanted his experience to be pleasurable and satisfying, not “WORK”. Pain during intercourse severely affected my ability to experience true sexual pleasure. I was in a constant state of physical and emotional stress. My pain was diminishing my quality of life and destroying my self esteem. I thought I was "broken," to say the least.

      So, after seeing a therapist, a urologist, a gastroenterologist, and a chiropractor I ultimately heard about pelvic floor therapy through my gynecologist. She referred me to a premier hospital specializing in women's health where I was diagnosed with non-relaxing pelvic floor dysfunction.  I immediately began therapy to relax and strengthen my pelvic floor and supporting muscles as well as learn to be aware and have more control of them.  I worked with an amazingly talented group of professionals... but things didn't change overnight.

      “Tighten, lift, squeeze, relax” and “breathe” were all common directions I was given during therapy, sometimes with the therapist's finger inside me to insure and encourage proper technique while also assessing progress. I had to leave my modesty at the door (along with my pants, ha-ha) but I had the pleasure of working with two delightful and knowledgeable specialists, very nice women with warm personalities and, thankfully, warm hands. All of this was surprisingly comfortable, although I wasn't a big fan of the biofeedback, those awkward sessions where electrodes were stuck to my sensitive girly parts and wires would trail from my crotch to the computer for analysis. It was a very useful tool in my treatment but I ran out of "Bionic Woman" and “iVag” jokes pretty early. I'm grateful the staff had as much compassion as they did sense of humor, because humor is often how I deal with stress, it's either laugh or cry...laughing preferred. For the record, no part of my treatment was ever physically painful, I'd liken it to a light workout, without the sweatpants. ;)

      Although my pain was becoming more manageable, I was still discouraged with my inability to achieve a satisfying orgasm and often found myself avoiding intimacy, to no fault of my lover. He and I have always had a very active sex life but the passion was fading, sex became more clinical, and we weren't "losing ourselves in the moment," which was disheartening.

      One evening, while I was doing my PFD exercises at home, he suggested we try tilting my pelvis to mimic that particular pose during lovemaking, which we did with good results.  As the weeks and months passed we tried many different variations of the exercises, finding most of them difficult to achieve simply because of physics; I can't put my leg here, you can't reach me there, I can't support myself here, and so on.  Stamina was also a problem, some positions were doable but only for a minute or two, never enough time to really satisfy me.

      So off to the drawing board he went, developing a device that, after many modifications, became a way I could be stimulated long enough to experience true gratification.  I FELT HOPE!  Throughout testing I found myself not only achieving powerful orgasms but also "connecting" with my husband on a deeper level, there was more passion, more communication, and more trust. Distractions from pain and performance anxiety were pushed to the side and we were able to reach a new level of intimacy that was beyond both our imaginations.  We could love honestly and without restrictions. We laughed a lot more together too since it seemed much less like “work” now.

      No matter how much pleasure the new routine brought me, I couldn't help but dislike our device sitting in plain view.  It didn't fit in with our decor and it was cumbersome to move and store when we had guests. It's hard enough living with PFD, let alone explaining it to everyone who passes through my living room. So again, hubby was off to the drawing board. I didn't want much, just something attractive that didn't scream "SEX CHAIR!" when you walked into the room....I wanted a REAL piece of furniture. It had to look sexy and be of the highest quality, like the furniture in his professional portfolio.

    That's when The Archer took shape and he got the thumbs-up. It was well made, attractive, light, strong and so useful that we decided we should offer this to other couples so that they, too, can experience sexual freedom and relief from their condition(s). We believe The Archer can enhance every aspect of your sex life and improve mental wellness, therefore creating stronger bonds within your relationship.  We want to share our happiness and provide a useful tool to assist you in finding yours.  Also, if you’re lucky enough to not suffer from PFD and are simply looking to enhance your sex life (and your decor) then just imagine what the stamina increasing bounce of the Archer can do for you and your partner ALL night long!

     Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope to provide you with helpful information and strategies for better living and loving. Please feel free to email me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions at or post a comment below.


With Respect and Gratitude,



Please ladies, always remember to consult your doctor if you have sexual pain to determine the cause and proper course of treatment. I am not a medical professional and The Archer was designed to improve my sexual experience, not as a medical cure.

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