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Purushayitabandha is the reverse of what men usually practise. In this case the man lies upon his back, draws his wife upon him and enjoys her. It is especially useful when he, being exhausted, is no longer capable of muscular exertion, and when she is ungratified, being still full of the water of love. The wife must, therefore, place her husband supine upon the bed or carpet, mount upon his person, and satisfy her desires. Of this form of congress there are three subdivisions: ...


#3 Utthita-uttana-bandha. The wife, whose passion has not been gratified by previous copulation, should make her husband lie upon his back, and sitting cross-legged upon his thighs, should seize his Linga, effect insertion, and move her waist up and down, advancing and retiring; she will derive great comfort from this process.


  • Lean back on your hands offering a great view to your lover as well as powerful G-spot stimulation for yourself
  • You can control the bounce by moving your waist up and down while he holds your thighs and varies the angle of penetration
  • Alternately, let him gently bounce by flexing his buttocks and savoring the sensation
  • Face to face closeness


  • Use your hand(s) on her thigh(s) to vary the angle of penetration
  • Move her left, right, forward, or back depending on what feels best
  • Let her lean back and drive her crazy with a deep rhythmic thrust created by gently flexing your buttocks
  • Lie back and enjoy the view as you rock her G-spot

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