Boundary pushing performance inside or out is the highlight of one of Ultrafabrics' brightest innovations. First in its class, Brisa®  Original Indoor/Outdoor features a subtly textured aesthetic in a durable, cruelty-free polyurethane based faux leather. Distinctive protection attributes include: Climate control technology that shields against temperature changes, protecting the skin. Breathability provides ultimate seating comfort and softness, while other enhancements ensure water repellency, mildew defense, solar endurance and colorfastness. Discover beauty, comfort and protection in one, environment-flexible package.

Manufacturer Specifications


Cleaning Directions

Following these guidelines will help to extend the life of the fabric:

• Clean regularly with soap and water.

• Wipe up spills as soon as they occur.

• Alcohol based cleaners such as Fantastik® and Formula 409®.

• Sanitize using disinfectants such as bleach (20%) water solution, hydrogen peroxide based, or quaternary based*. • For stubborn stains, wipe the stain off with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) as soon as possible.

• Thoroughly rinse all solution residue with clean water.

• Air dry.


Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance Instructions

All Ultrafabrics Indoor/Outdoor products should be stored in a dry, well ventilated area.

Ultrafabrics mildew resistant surfaces do not promote mildew growth, however, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the fabric.

The frequency of cleaning will vary greatly depending upon the local outdoor environment in which the product is used.

Cushions should not remain wet or be covered, as this will increase the chances of mildew growth occurring.


General Specifications


100% Polyurethane Surface

65% Polyester, 35% Rayon Backing

Weight: Approx. 11.2 oz. Per Square Yard Approx. 380 Grams Per Square Metre

Thickness:Approx. 1.1 Millimetres

Width: 54 Inches / 137 Centimetres



Abrasion: ASTM D4157 / 200,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek)* BS 2543 / 180,000 Rubs (Martindale)*

*meets or exceeds

Hydrolysis: 14+ Weeks

ASTM D3690-02 SECT. 6.11 (Hydrolytic Stability) ISO 1419 Method C (Accelerated Ageing)

Adhesion of Coating: ASTM D751

Tear Strength: ASTM D2261

Breaking Strength: ASTM D5034

Air Permeability: ASTM D737

Anti-mildew: ASTM G21

Sound Absorption: ASTM C423



UV: ASTM G154, 1000 Hours

Light Fastness: AATCC 16.3, 200 Hours, Grade 5

Crocking: AATCC 8, Class 5 Wet & Dry

Chlorinated Water: AATCC 162, Class 5


Perspiration: AATCC 15, Class 5

Sea (Salt) Water: AATCC 106, Class 5



F/R Rating:

• ASTM E84 (Adhered) - Class A

• CA TB 117-2013 - Pass

• FMVSS 302 & 95/28 Annex IV - Pass • NFPA 260 - Class 1

• UFAC - Class 1

Other Tests*:

• ASTM E84 (Unadhered)

• BS 5852 PT 0, 1 & 5 (Crib 5)

• BS 5867 Part 2 Type B

• BS 7175

• California Technical Bulletin 133 • FAR Speci cations

• IMO A.652 (16)

• NFPA 701

*These fabrics, when treated and/or used with other compatible furniture components, have been shown to perform well under these re test conditions.


Earth Friendly

• GREENGUARD Certified

• Meets stringent VOC emission standards

• Promotes healthier indoor air quality

• Contributes to LEEDTM and BIFMA level® credits

• Compliant with Prop 65

• No Conflict Minerals

• No Flame Retardants (ex. Halogenated, Brominated) • No PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers)

• No Plasticizers, Heavy Metals, Stabilizers, Phthalates or Bisphenol A (BPA)

• No POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants)

• No PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

• No toxic by-products

• Over 99% of solvents recaptured and recycled

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