From - The Kama Sutra


When a woman stands on her hands and feet like a quadruped, and her lover mounts her like a bull, it is called the "congress of a cow". At this time everything that is ordinarily done on the bosom should be done on the back.


  • Stand behind the chair and fold forward over the backrest, the pillow can be positioned under your hips or your bust for comfort
  • Allow the chair to offer support and stability
  • If you need a little extra height, place your toes on the rear bar
  • Once you are comfortable, slide your feet back, and place more of your weight on the chair intensifying the bounce
  • For the ultimate ride, curl your legs behind your lover and pull him into you


  • Stand behind her and take aim, you can lower the height of your penis by spreading your legs farther apart, now you're in control
  • Allow the chair to do the work, one hand is sufficient for motion, either push on the back of the chair or her rear
  • Let your free hand massage her back or give her hair a tug
  • For the ultimate ride, grasp her feet behind you and move them up and down, causing her to buck wildly
  • Guilt-free viewing pleasure

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