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Upavishta (i.e., sitting) posture. Of this division there are ten sub-divisions: ...

#9 Vinarditasana, a form possible only to a very strong man with a very light woman; he raises her by passing both her legs over his arms at the elbow, and moves her about from left to right, but not backwards or forwards, till the supreme moment arrives.

#10 Markatasana, is the same position as #9; in this, however, the husband moves the wife in a straight line away from his face, that is, backwards and forwards, but not from side to side.


  • Sit facing your man, between his legs, support part of your weight on your hands behind you and the remainder on your bottom
  • Allow him to lift your legs and support them
  • He is in control of the motion so communication is essential
  • Bounce up and down for more G-spot stimulation
  • Let him churn you in a circle for an experience neither of you will forget
  • Close face to face contact


  • Place one of your woman's knees in each of your elbows, supporting the weight of her legs
  • You have complete control of the movement
  • Move her left to right {crying out position}
  • Move her forward and back {monkey position}
  • Bounce her up and down for G-spot stimulation
  • Churn her around for a feeling neither of you will ever forget

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