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Uttana-bandha (i.e., supine posture) is the great division so-called by men well versed in the Art of Love, when a woman lies upon her back, and her husband sits close to her upon his hams. But is this all that can be said of it? No! no! there are eleven sub-divisions: ...

#9 Veshtita-asana, is when the wife lies upon her back cross-legged, and raises her feet a little; this position is very well fitted for those burning with desire.


  • He is in control of the motion, so assume a passive role and communicate what feels best
  • Grasp behind you for support or caress his shoulders or thighs
  • The shades of bondage created by your restrained legs can be a powerful turn on for both of you
  • Shallow penetration
  • Face to face contact


  • You have control of all the motion
  • Grasp the side rails to pull yourself in and out
  • Her restrained legs can be a powerful turn on

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