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FOURTEENTH MANNER--Nik el kohoul (coitus from the back). The woman lies down on her stomach and raises her buttocks by help of a cushion; the man approaches from behind, stretches himself on her back and inserts his tool, while the woman twines her arms round the man's elbows. This is the easiest of all methods.


  • Twine your arms around his elbows and surrender to your man as he lies upon your back
  • Relax and experience all the pleasure his penis can give you as he slides himself up and down your back
  • Expect an intense pleasurable pressure on your g-spot at the apex of his slide
  • Great excitement can be gained from the lack of control and feeling his body heat


  • Hold her down with part of your weight on her lower back and rear
  • You are in complete control
  • For quick pelvic thrusts, position your feet close to the front bar
  • Move your feet away from the front bar and push yourself up along her back with your legs - at the apex of your slide you'll apply an intensely pleasurable pressure on her g-spot

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