From - The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight

THIRTEENTH MANNER--Dok el arz (pounding on the spot). The man sits down with his legs stretched out; the woman then places herself astride on his thighs, crossing her legs behind the back of the man, and places her vulva opposite his member, which latter she guides into her vagina; she then places her arms round his neck, and he embraces her sides and waist, and helps her to rise and descend upon his verge. She must assist in his work.


  • No joke, your "spot" will be delightfully pounded
  • Either of you can control the motion independently or in unison
  • Deep penetration with wonderful friction all along the front wall of your vagina
  • Extremely close and intimate with little physical exertion required


  • Either of you can control the movement
  • Try working in unison for extra intimacy she'll love
  • Little physical exertion is needed for deep penetration
  • Lots of pleasurable friction on the tip of the penis as you pound her "spot"

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