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Purushayitabandha is the reverse of what men usually practise. In this case the man lies upon his back, draws his wife upon him and enjoys her. It is especially useful when he, being exhausted, is no longer capable of muscular exertion, and when she is ungratified, being still full of the water of love. The wife must, therefore, place her husband supine upon the bed or carpet, mount upon his person, and satisfy her desires. Of this form of congress there are three subdivisions: ...

#2 Purushayita-bhramara-bandha (“like the large bee”): in this, the wife, having placed her husband at full length upon the bed or carpet, sits at squat upon his thighs, closes her legs firmly after she has effected insertion: and, moving her waist in a circular form, churning, as it were, enjoys her husband, and thoroughly satisfies herself.


  • You are the queen, free to take what you rightfully desire
  • Bounce or slide back and forth and churn in a circle for clitoral stimulation
  • Grasp his hands or body for support
  • Squeeze your thighs together to increase internal friction
  • Exclusive to the Archer, you can alternately assume a more passive role and let your man control the bounce
  • Face to face closeness


  • Lie back and enjoy, this is her time to take what she wants
  • Use your hands to either support or caress her
  • Exclusive to the Archer, you can also take control of the bounce to allow her time to rest while maintaining your stimulation

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