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TWENTY-FIRST MANNER--Rekeud el aïr (the race of the member). The man, on his back, supports himself with a cushion under his shoulders, but his posterior must retain contact with the bed. Thus placed, he draws up his thighs until his knees are on a level with his face; then the woman sits down, impaling herself on his member; she must not lie down, but keep seated as if on horseback, the saddle being represented by the knees and the stomach of the man. In that position she can, by the play of her knees, work up and down and down and up. She can also place her knees on the bed, in which case the man accentuates the movement by plying his thighs, whilst she holds with her left hand on to his right shoulder.


  • For the ultimate in control, this is as female-dominant as it gets
  • Sit on your man's thighs as you would a saddle
  • From a gentle trot to a frenzied gallop ride him as you please
  • The feeling of power can be erotic and overwhelming
  • Always remember, never lean backwards, you can hurt your man's penis
  • Look into his eyes as you dominate him


  • Surrender all control and transform into your lover's most trusted steed
  • Sit on the front hump of the chair facing forward and lie back so your shoulder-blades are low in the curve, pulling your legs tight to your chest
  • She sets the pace from a gentle trot to a frenzied gallop
  • The absolute lack of control can be a strong turn-on
  • As a trade-off to the dominance, you get an awesome up-close view of your penis sliding in and out and her breasts bouncing above you

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