From - The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight


TENTH MANNER--Kechef el astine (reciprocal sight of the posteriors). The man lying stretched out on his back, the woman sits down upon his member with her back to the man's face, who presses her sides between his thighs and legs, whilst she places her hands upon the bed as a support for her movements and, lowering her head, her eyes are turned towards the buttocks of the man.


  • You are in control of the movement
  • Thrust yourself forward and back on his penis while savoring the view of his posterior
  • If he's into it, play with his ass, even massage his prostate while he's deep inside you
  • No face to face contact for embarrassment free viewing and play


  • Sit back with your feet together, she's in control here
  • You can assist her movement with your hands around her waist
  • Savor the view of her rump as she thrusts herself upon you
  • Know that she's doing the same
  • Ask her to play with your anus if you so desire

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