From - The Kama Sutra


When the woman places one of her legs on her lover's shoulder, and stretches the other out, and then places the latter on his shoulder, and stretches out the other, and continues to do so alternately, it is called the "splitting of a bamboo".



  • This position is all about communication and movement with great rewards
  • Bouncing with one leg up on your man's shoulder feels great, but the magic happens in the switch
  • By coordinating your leg movements with your lover, you will both be treated to a unique squeezing rotational friction as you go from shoulder to shoulder
  • Face to face communication is essential and erotic


  • You control the motion by pulling into the siderails
  • Communication is critical for the magic to happen
  • Coordinate with your lover and as you switch shoulders you will be treated to a unique squeezing rotational friction

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