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Uttana-bandha (i.e., supine posture) is the great division so-called by men well versed in the Art of Love, when a woman lies upon her back, and her husband sits close to her upon his hams. But is this all that can be said of it? No! no! there are eleven sub-divisions: ...

#5 Smarachakrasana, or the position of the Kama-wheel, a mode very much enjoyed by the voluptuary. In this form, the husband sits between the legs of his wife, extends his arms on both sides of her as far as he can, and thus enjoys her.


  • Bounce can be controlled by either person
  • By either grasping each others shoulders or pushing off his knee with one hand, grind into him for maximum clitoral stimulation
  • Intimate face to face contact
  • Especially well suited for the later months of pregnancy


  • Either you or your lover can control the movement
  • Hold her firmly around her upper chest or by grasping her shoulders to allow her to grind on you as she pleases
  • The fully extended pillow offers great lumbar support while keeping you closer to the action

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