From - The Kama Sutra


When a woman acts the part of a man, she has the following things to do: ...When, on such an occasion, the man lifts up the middle part of his body, and the woman turns round her middle part, it is called the "swing".


  • Stand at a comfortable height, take control, and grind away as your lover remains rigid beneath you for intense clitoral stimulation
  • Front to back, side to side, or a circle, whatever gives you the most pleasure
  • Alternately stand motionless and let him grind into you
  • Works equally well face to face for intimacy - or- turn away from your lover to focus on your own pleasure


  • Support yourself on your feet and shoulder-blades
  • Raise your pelvis to meet hers as she stands above you
  • Remain rigid and let her grind on your penis either facing or away from you
  • When she's ready for a rest, try having her remain rigid and you grind into her

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