Of all mattresses, innerspring are the most preferred for intimate activity. Why?


Bounce!    That's why.

The rebounding effect of springs allow you to create a consistent rhythm that works for you, not against you.  The Archer brings the same rebounding action to a stylish chair capable of supporting two grown adults.

The two rear leaf springs allow the chair to flex and bounce back in any direction (X-Y & Z) with the greatest degree of travel in the vertical axis at approximately 3". The side rails (1) offer extra rebounding forces at the front re-curve (Z2) and the center contour (X2).  These motions combine for a cyclical rhythm that's not only extremely pleasurable, it's addictive!  The wide stance of the rubber footed crossbars (3), and adjustable tension webbing (4) allows you to feel stable and secure while the adjustable pillow (5) provides customized support.

Bowchair In Motion - 0:21 (no sound)


  1. The 16.5" width comfortably supports your lover beneath you, yet is easy to straddle.
  2. The 24" wide front crossbar provides extra stability and a comfortable foot brace.
  3. The 3/4" closed-cell foam rubber cushion is soft yet responsive. Covered in one continuous piece of waterproof faux-leather for effortless hygienic cleaning.  There are no seams to trap crud or stitches to leak.
  4. The center contour allows precise and effortless pelvic angle changes.
  5. The front re-curve facilitates oral sexual positions and deep, powerful thrusting.
  6. Rebounding action of the carbon fiber rear springs limit both fatigue and muscle/joint strain for longer lasting sessions. ​Three different strengths ensure the ultimate experience for all users.
  7. The 4" round adjustable pillow has 12" of adjustment length and is over-stuffed with super high density (2.4 lbs/cu.ft.) polyurethane foam for a plush feel and lasting support.

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