January 2018

Sex Furniture Isn't Just for Dungeons Anymore

September 2018

The Best Luxury Gifts for Men - 2018

February 2018

Treat Yourself to These Sex-Positive Valentine's Day Gifts

September 2018

Suit Up - The Best BDSM Gear for Curious, Kinky Couples (p. 70)

February 2018

Pittsburgh Couple Develops a Chair to Aid in More Comfortable Sex for All

November 2018

Love, Sex, and Chair Design - Bowchair Sex Furniture's Touching Origins

June 2018

Archer Bowchair Offering 'Better Sex in 60 Days' Money-Back Guarantee

November 2019

Interview: The Archer Bowchair is a handmade work of sex furniture art with a heartwarming history (p. 194-8)



The Archer, my marriage, and me


"...my name is Lisa and I am married to the creator of The Archer Bowchair as well as the inspiration for the invention. My husband did a great job summarizing our story on the Background page, but I'd like to share some more personal details with you about my journey as a passionate woman, a devoted wife and a sexual being..." read more


Pain, past relationships, and sand blocked my orgasm


"...What happened to me after the excitement? I had desire, I was aroused, it felt really good, but the orgasm and resolution part eluded me, why?…What’s wrong with me?  Absolutely nothing, and the answer to that question motivated me to share my embarrassing experience with you here on my blog and the information I found because of it..." read more


Empowered sexual health


"...I’m sitting there at lunch distracted from the conversation because I kept seeing percentages from this survey and applied them to my friends. I wondered which seven have suffered from some form of female sexual dysfunction, six of them in the last year? Did I miss something during one of our lunches, I remember hearing about two instances? Which five think that they should be having sex a few times a week, and which three actually do?..." read more

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