The Archer is a high-performance piece of equipment and the rear carbon fiber springs must be tuned to the users' body weight for the ultimate experience.  Three different springs with varying degrees of stiffness (bounce) are available to accommodate most combined* user body weights. If one of the stock springs cannot meet your needs or you're having trouble deciding please contact us for assistance.


*Your body weight + Your partner's body weight


Perfect for lightweight couples but can be a little too "cushy" with excessive side to side movement for aggressive lovers or those on the upper cusp. Smallest safety margin.





A great all around performer and best seller.  Very responsive throughout it's weight range.  Moderate but respectable safety margin.








A sturdier spring for larger couples.  Also great for lighter couples looking for a more rigid/stable feel.  Biggest safety margin.

When in doubt, most customers have found it best to go with a stiffer rather than softer spring.

Spring Comparison with a 290 pound couple - 22 seconds (no sound)



Q: What if I picked the wrong level of bounce?

A: Not a problem.  We offer a one time swap of rear spring units if you feel that another level of bounce is preferred.  To redeem this offer, we must be notified of your wish to swap within 7 days of your receipt of your Archer and the springs returned to us at your cost within 14 days.  Upon receipt of the undamaged product we will ship the other springs to you free of charge.


Q: What is the expected life of the carbon fiber springs?

A: All current industry research indicates that carbon fiber is twice as fatigue resistant as equivalent steel springs, but all things must come to an end. However, there are too many variables to give a simple definite answer.  The two biggest variables are how close you are to the maximum combined weight of the springs and how aggressive the lovemaking is.  As of March 2017 our first set of springs have accumulated 283 hours of moderately-aggressive to aggressive lovemaking (sometimes even purposely trying to break the thing)  at the rated capacity of the springs with no sign of failure.


Q: What if the carbon fiber springs break?

A: If for some reason the rear leaf springs would ever break, the purchaser can return the springs to us for failure analysis.  If the failure was due to materials or workmanship (i.e. epoxy bond failure/delamination of layers) we will replace the springs free of charge.  If the failure was caused by the rupture of wood or carbon fiber strands that commonly indicate an overloading event (i.e. fracture on one side of the springs center-line and compression deformation on the other), you can purchase new springs from us at our cost.


Failure occurs at a point above the maximum combined user weight for each set of springs.  The difference between the rated load and failure load is the safety margin. The approximate safety margins, determined through destructive testing, are as follows:


  • Soft springs: +100 pounds^
  • Medium Springs: +150 pounds^
  • ​Stiff springs: +275 pounds^


Once subjected to the above loads the springs no longer returned to their original shape and showed signs of failure such as cracks, ruptures, or plastic deformation.

^ Values are solely provided as a testament to the durability of the product not an indication for acceptable use.


-Please respect all recommended maximum combined user weight limits-


Kaz Dezines LLC accepts no liability for products used contrary to the recommended maximum weight limit imprinted on the bottom-side of the installed spring unit.

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